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Discover Our Curated Quran Playlists for Ramadan

Immerse yourself in the profound spirituality of the Holy Quran this Ramadan with our thoughtfully selected Quran playlists. Each playlist showcases a distinct style of recitation, paired with translations to deepen your engagement with these sacred verses. Whether you seek a tranquil recitation to begin your day or a meaningful translation for contemplation, our collection caters to all.

Our Quran Playlist Selection

  1. Quran with English Translation
    • Views: 4.3M
    • Videos: 114
    • Highlights: A complete playlist of the Quran with English translations, perfect for those desiring a deeper comprehension of its verses.
    • Link: Quran with English Translation

  2. Quran (Mishary Rashid Alafasy) with English Subtitles
    • Views: 1.01M
    • Videos: 114
    • Highlights: The esteemed Mishary Rashid Alafasy recites the Quran, enhanced with English subtitles for a fuller understanding.
    • Link: Quran (Mishary) with English Subtitles

  3. Quran Recitation by Ahmed Al-Nufais
    • Views: 31.2K
    • Videos: 114
    • Highlights: Delve into the captivating recitation by Ahmed Al-Nufais, a journey through the melodious and touching delivery of Quranic verses.
    • Link: Quran (Ahmed Al-Nufais)

  4. Comprehensive Quran Recitation Playlist
    • Views: 3K
    • Videos: 86
    • Highlights: This varied collection of Quran recitations is for those who appreciate experiencing different styles of recitation.
    • Link: Comprehensive Quran Recitation

Maximizing the Benefits of Our Quran Playlists

  • Daily Listening: Integrate these playlists into your daily Ramadan routine to maintain a connection with the Quran.
  • Reflective Study: Leverage the translations to enhance your understanding and application of Quranic teachings.
  • Community Sharing: Encourage a shared spiritual journey by enjoying these playlists with loved ones.

Dive into these sacred recitations to enrich your Ramadan experience.

Support and Give Back This Ramadan

In the spirit of Ramadan, a month dedicated to reflection, prayer, and charity, we invite you to join us in giving through Sadaqah and Zakat. Muslim Welfare Canada is committed to assisting those in need across the globe. Your contributions can make a significant difference, offering vital aid and hope.

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